Carol Todreas

I have come to cherish Waban. My husband and I moved here to raise our two small boys in 1971. Our intent was to move to Boston as soon as the kids completed high school. That was decades ago. Through the years both of us and our children have become passionate about Waban: the place, the people, the built and natural environment, the location. We were slow to realize our good fortunate when we bought our house on Windsor Road those many years ago.

Now I have an opportunity to serve Waban and to help advance this small municipality as it struggles in the 21st Century to maintain community and quality of life while growing to meet new social needs.

My background is in retail planning, a specialized area of city planning. I co-founded Todreas Hanley Associates(THA), a consulting firm that has worked in cities and towns on retail and mixed-use projects all over New England and selected municipalities in the country and abroad. Clients have varied from large corporations to small developers to cities and towns, always with the goal of bringing quality of life , sustainable retail , and economic vitality . Concentration areas have been in downtowns, neighborhood commercial districts, and university campuses.

Prior to THA I worked as a Preservation Planner at the Boston Redevelopment Authority; Assistant Development Director/PR Director for the developer of the 1976 redevelopment of Faneuil Hall Marketplace; and Retail Consultant at Societe des Centres Commerciaux in Paris.

Currently I belong to Consulting Planners of Massachusetts; serve as Broker/Partner with Windsor Realty in Cambridge; am a Mentor at MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service; write a Retail Column for The New England Real Estate Journal, and am a Board member for Waban Common. I have just completed a term as a Commissioner for Newton's Urban Design Commission. The only other experience I have had in serving Waban was many years ago when I served on the Waban Improvement Society.