Steven Gusenoff

The Waban zip code is one of the wealthiest in the USA. Yet, jigsaw utility patchwork makes our roads unpleasant, an ancient high-wire act of tilted telephone poles line our streets, overgrown trees and shrubs make side-walking and intersection driving a real challenge, inviting retail signage and lighting does not exist, and residents who cherish a green environment cannot find a public EV charging station in Waban. Add this to the threat of outside mega agencies forcing drastic changes to our zoning landscape, and you have all the reasons you need to be an active member of the Waban Area Council.
You can control the value of your property, beauty of your streets, and quality of life here in Waban. The louder our voice, the better our knowledge, the stronger our involvement will keep Waban the jewel it is. Our schools should have a Waban History Day to give our strongest asset – the children of Waban – the strongest understanding of why entire families can enhance the Waban experience.
A graduate of BU’s College of Communications, I received a BS Degree in Journalism with graduate studies in Urban Planning. In addition to working in communications for the nation’s largest retail corporations, I hosted a radio show and became a member of the American Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers.
My wife Carolyn and I created our own advertising agency in 1979. Our family of four moved to Gordon Road in 1983. Now my grandchildren live and study in Waban. Over time we developed the Walk-A-Block program, and several posters and materials for the Newton Cultural Commission.