Sept 13, 2018


Waban Library Center
1. Approval of June Minutes (5 minutes)
2. Burning Issues from the Community (10 minutes)
3. Northland Project Update – Land Use Committee Meeting Sept. 25 (5 minutes)
4. D-Line Construction Update (10 minutes)
5. Manitoba -- Update on citizen appeal of No Right on Red (5 minutes)
6. Cold Spring Trail Update (5 minutes)
7. Update on Marijuana Ballot Questions/RMDs (5 minutes)
8. Zoning Redesign and Draft Zoning Map Discussion (35 minutes)
9. Announcements:
a. Newton Cultural Council Grants. The Newton Cultural Council has over $31,000 in funds available to be distributed to artists, scientists and those in the humanities in this grant cycle. The application deadline is October 15th. To learn more visit the grant page.
b. Suzuki School hosts Welcome to Waban Reception. Sunday, September 23, 2:00-5:00pm at the Windsor Club. 
c. Upper Falls Village Day, Sunday September 16th, 12-3:00pm.
d. Zoning and Planning Public Hearing September 24 on the adoption of the Economic Development Action Plan into the Comprehensive Plan 
10. Next Meeting: October 11th.
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 7:30pm


Meeting Minutes


All Members of Waban Area Council Present.

Member of Community Present: Joseph Baker, Gretchen Friend, Alan Nogee, Bill Humphrey, Nathaniel Nichtin.

Approval of June Minutes:  Minutes approved.

Burning Issues from the Community.Joe Baker of Pontiac Rd described build up of trash along Quinobequin between the road and the Charles River.  He suggested putting up trash cans along that grassy stretch and volunteered to build the trash cans.  Trash cans also needed down the middle of Waban Ave where a significant amount of litter is left.  Several WAC members raised the issue that the Quinobequin stretch is owned by MDC and their permission is probably needed to place trash cans.  Several suggested being in touch with Friends of Hemlock Gorge or Friends of the Quinobequin regarding permission and placement of trash receptacles.

Northland Project Update.  Land Use Committee of the City Council will meet September 25 to address Northland Project.  Meeting agenda will be posted on City of Newton website.  Upper Falls Area Council will host Northland developers on September 20.

MBTA Meeting on September 20 at Newton Free Library: in which Green Line D Track and Signal Replacement was discussed.  The project will affect riders and abutters.  Noise will be significant during December when track work is being done between 9pm at night and 7am in the morning, and also on weekends.  See

Appeal of Traffic Council Decision regarding right turn on red at Manitoba and Beacon.  Appeal was before the Public Safety Committee which decided there would be no right on red at anytime at that intersection.

Cold Spring Park Update presented by Alan Nogee.  Two meetings have been held with Parks and Rec, who share residents’ desire to improve the trail.  New exercise stations have replaced the old.  Drainage problems near Zervas are being addressed.  “Friends of Cold Spring Park” will be formalized soon.  Eagle Scout Alex Rivero has been working on bog bridges and setting up a website. Parks and Rec will have no more money for Cold Spring Park after these early repairs and improvements have been completed.  Various fund raising strategies were discussed.

Marijuana Dispensary Update.  Ballot this fall will offer Newton voters the option to limit number of recreational marijuana dispensaries to between two and four.  City Council voted Sept 13 to include a second ballot question which would allow Newton to opt out of recreational marijuana sales altogether. Update on Garden Remedies special permit- see WAC website. 

Zoning Redesign Excellent presentation by Rena Getz.  See WAC website for details.

Site of Apgujung Restaurant (1114 Beacon St) possibly being developed into 43 units. 

Waban Common:  Banner will show money raised/ money needed.  Much has been planted resulting in noticeable aesthetic improvement.  The amount of money raised allowed for two stone walls to be built, rather than one as was planned originally.

Announcements:  As described in Agenda.

Respectfully submitted by

Dinah Bodkin 09/22/18