May 2019

  1. Presentation by Union Twist, developer of proposed RMD at 1158 Beacon St. in Newton. (45 minutes)
  2. Approval of April and May WAC minutes. Treasurer’s Report. (5 minutes)
  3. Issues from the community. (10 minutes)
  4. Update on Waban Common. (5 minutes)
  5. Updates on Zoning reform and proposed Northland and Riverside developments. Discussion of the role of WAC with non-Waban community groups focused on development proposals. (RG to lead discussion – 30 minutes)
  6. Future meeting schedule. (5 minutes)
  7. Announcements:
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 7:30pm

Waban Area Council

Meeting Minutes

May 9 2019 7:30pm-9:00pm


WAC Members Present Sallee Lipshutz, Kathryn Winters, Dinah Bodkin, Chris Pitts, Rena Getz, Isabelle Ahlbeck, Patrick Maher, Bob Jampol, Joe Corkery.


City Council Member Present  John Rice


Members of Public Present Debra Berenbaum, Susan Cammer, Jean McLaughlin, Alied Jackusa, Carol Todreas, Neil Todreas, John Mordes, Qing Shi, Dan Win, Marianna Utin.


Condominium Development at 20 Kinmonth Rd.  Amanda Petruzziello of Northern Lights Development, along with their lead counsel, Terry Morris presented their plans for a 24  unit condominium development at the site of the former Waban Health Center (20 Kinmoth Rd).  The current structure was resolved to be not “preferably preserved” at the Newton Historical Commission meeting (April 25 2019).  The new building will follow the footprint, more or less of the current building but will have a third story and will have underground parking.  The average size of the units will be 1075 square feet.  There will be 13 1 bedroom units, 9 2 bedroom units and 2 3 bedroom units.  Four units will be “affordable.”  Floor plans, elevations, and drawings are available on the WAC website.  Terry Morris, who is a former alderman and chairman of the Land Use Committee stated that the size of the units addresses Newton’s future needs as described in the City Comprehensive Plan.  The plan includes one parking space per unit.

         The project will require a special permit, and the presenters were soliciting feedback from the community in advance of their presentation before the Land Use Committee.  Questions from people in attendance focused on appearance of the building and ease of access, whether the proposed structure fits into the current character of the neighborhood and how the building will be managed.   Two neighbors on Kinmonth asked about garage access, since their homes could be impacted by a high traffic flow.  There will be a common roof deck with solar panels; in addition the developer is aiming for a high level of LEED certification.  Visitor parking (response to a question from RG) and accessible parking will be accommodated, possibly by leasing space from Barry’s Deli.  A number of attendees were unhappy that the building design seemed not to take account of the architectural and historical context of the neighborhood.    Other attendees, however, seemed satisfied with the building design.  The building will be managed professionally, however, there is no management office in the building.  If necessary some of the common space could be used as an office.  Kinmonth Rd will become a public road (currently is private); utilities will be underground.

         Terry Morris is hoping to move things along quickly enough to have City Council vote on the proposal in September.  They anticipate construction taking 15 months once the permit has been issued.


Play structure at Alban and Waban Aves.  KW: still a lack of clarity as to procedure.  Susan Cammer:  a lot of kids play there already.  JR: proposal will come before City Council regardless of which committees it goes through first.  All abutters will be notified.


Issues from the Community: One community member complained that noise from Rte 128 has increased significantly since the completion of Add A Lane.  There are sound barriers on the Wellesley side, but not on our side.  How to obtain sound measurements?  JR has reached out to Ruth Balser on this issue.  Northland Public Hearing is this Tuesday (May 14) 7pm.  Riverside special permit has been filed.  IA complained of lack of enforcement of leaf blower ordinance.  Bill Humphrey: Marijuana site going forward at location of Jaylin Cleaners.  JR: Cannabis Control Commission is working out regulations for different delivery options (ie, smoked v edible).  KW: Chestnut St Beacon to Commonwealth Ave will be repaved summer 2020.  Possible special meeting for affected residents to air concerns about that section of Chestnut St.  Not sure when southern part of Chestnut St will be repaved. 


Village Day WAC members signed up for WAC table on Village Day.  Need to encourage residents to run for the council.  Several current council members will be leaving. 


Announcements:  As in Agenda.


Respectfully submitted by Dinah Bodkin

May 23 2019