December 2019

  1. Newton Wellesley Hospital Cogeneration Power Plant Project – Q&A with NWH Officials. John Looney, NWH VP of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, and Justin Ferbert, Director of Facilities, Engineering, and Maintenance, will discuss the hospital’s cogeneration plant plans.
  2. New issues from the community.
  3. WAC Administrative Matters:
    • Approval of November minutes and Treasurer’s Report.
    • Year-end reports to City Council.
    • January 8th swearing-in ceremony for area councilors.
  4. Kinmonth Rd. Development. Update on Special Permit application for 24-unit condominium development at 24 Kinmonth Rd.
  5. Announcements: Wellesley Office Park Presentation, January 9th at 7 pm. Representatives of the developer of Wellesley Office Park will present their plans for a mixed-use development at the site at our next WAC meeting at the Waban Library Center. The proposal would replace the office building at 40 William St. with a 350-unit apartment building and a shared parking garage. For more information visit this link
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 7:30pm


Waban Area Council

Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2019

Waban Library Center 7:30pm-9:30pm


Attendees: (WAC) Bob Jampol, Dinah Bodkin, Chris Pitts, Isabelle Ahlbeck, Rena Getz, Sallee Lipshutz, Kathryn Winters, Patrick Maher, Joe Corkery.  Community: Devra Bailin, Maureen Meagher, Laura Unflat, Tammy Boulerice, Nathaniel Lichtin (President, NHAC), Shirley DeChant, Steven Friedman, Marissa Friedman, Tom Elkind, Ronald Marcus, Megan Meirav .


Newton Wellesley Hospital (NWH) Cogeneration Plant NWH is renovating its energy production facility with the intention of acquiring a much higher level of energy independence than NWH currently has.  This will save NWH close to $1M per year and in the event of power loss, allow them to function for a much longer time than is currently possible.  New boiler installation is a 3 phase process.  Phase 1 began in October of 2018 and involved replacing switchgear, which are in place and ready to operate.   Phase 2 involves replacing 3 600 horsepower high pressure boilers with new boilers, 2 at 600 HP and 1 at 350HP.  The reduction in size from 3X600 to 2X600 and 1X350 is made possible by cogeneration, a process whereby generation of heat and power is combined.  The waste heat used in generating power is used to heat hot water.  The design of the new system will be complete in February of 2020.  Designs will go out to bid in March of 2020 and it is expected that the new system will start up in February of 2021.    Lahey Clinic in Burlington currently uses cogeneration.


John Looney, NWH VP of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, and Justin Ferbert, NWH Director of Facilities, Engineering and Maintenance, were invited to speak at WAC because of concern that a new system will generate noise and emissions that will negatively impact the neighborhood.  In contrast to Lahey Clinic, NWH is in a residential neighborhood and near an elementary school (Angier).  Justin stated that the plant's emissions must be certified by the EPA and the State of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  However, he did confirm that emissions at NWH will definitely increase compared to current emissions levels.  He also stated that NWH does not plan to conduct a community impact study.  The City of Newton issues the construction permit for the cogeneration unit.


Several members of the Angier community expressed concern about emissions.  Justin Ferbert agreed to return to WAC for the March 12 meeting and will provide a fact sheet with information on noise and emissions of the new facility.    It was decided that the individuals would write to Mayor Fuller to express their concerns and to be sure they and WAC are notified when NWH applied for a special permit for cogeneration.  It was also decided that a summary will be written up for the Angier Greensheet so that all members of the Angier community will be appraised of developments at NWH.  


New Issues from the Community  Union Twist, a recreational marijuana facility seeking to utilize site of former Jaylin Cleaners, will apply for a special permit in January of 2020.  Nathaniel Lichtin proposed that NHAC and WAC co-host a meeting Jan 13 at WLC whereby local residents will organize how to present their concerns to the Land Use Committee during the special permitting process. 



Community Member again expressed concern about flag at Lincoln Field (see November Minutes).  CP as VP of WIS agreed to take the flag down.

November Minutes approved, Treasurer’s Report approved.

SL: Send thank you note to school department for covering costs of debates.


Future WAC Planning:  KW, PM and JR will leave as of January 2020.  Gratitude expressed for work done by the three retiring members.  As of now WAC has only 6 members, but additional can be appointed.  Meghan Meirav expressed interest in being appointed.  She is a member of Waban Common board, and spoke to why she wishes to be a member of WAC.  


20 Kinmonth Road Developer of 24-unit condominium development has partnered with several City Councilors to provide some public benefit to the development that would also address traffic and transportation issues.  Proposals include improving the sidewalks the full length of Kinmonth, and/or improving traffic and pedestrian flow at intersection of Windsor and Kinmonth, or the intersection of Beacon, Woodward and Windsor.  Kinmonth is a private road and all abutters and property owners need to agree to any changes.  The goal is ultimately to improve Kinmonth to the point of it becoming a public road.  RG: we want to support developers’ efforts to improve our streets and must stay “in the loop” on this.  No action is necessary at this time.


Meeting adjourned 9:03pm.

Respectfully submitted by 

Dinah Bodkin, January 3 2019