Sudbury Aqueduct Walking Trails

Issue summary

Newton has a rare opportunity to legally acquire public access to the top of the Sudbury Aqueduct from the MWRA. The MWRA Trails program would allow Newton then to formalize the current off-road walking trails through Waban and Newton Highlands. Not all of the land above the aqueduct is owned by the Authority, but most of the frequently-used parts are. The MWRA is not charging for this access, but does require some trash pick-up and path maintenance.

MWRA Aqueduct Access Trails Logo
The Waban Area Council has discussed the aqueduct at two meetings, and supports the city's moving forward on the permit for the Sudbury. It would give residents an off-road walking alternative through our area, and could connect us via linear park to Needham, Southborough, Natick and Framingham. 
The MWRA has an FAQ as well as online maps.



Here is a website that explains form zoning

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