Parking on Beacon Street

Issue summary

Neighbors asked the Council what could be done about all-day parking on Dorset, Locke and Beacon Street. 

In response, the Council held a meeting on parking on Beacon and surrounding streets Feb. 24 (rescheduled from Jan. 27).

The City's plans call for bicycle accomodations along Beacon from Washington east to Newton Center. While these may vary, practice is to install bike lanes where demand for parking is low, or where there is room for both parking and lanes. 

In village centers, such as Waban's Village and Newton Centre, a slowed traffic pattern and shared lanes to retain on-street parking, along with safe pedestrian crossings is the plan.

But if all-day parking is removed from Beacon, commuters will park on nearby streets.

The following presentation led to a discussion of what residents would like to see along this stretch.

Since turnout was low, additional meetings will be scheduled this spring.


Here is a website that explains form zoning

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