Angier School Project

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The progress of the renovation of Angier School can be viewed on the City's website. The PTO also has an FAQ and can be viewed here. Regular meetings between the project construction team and the WAC take place once a month before each WAC meeting.  Final proposal drawings here.

Rendering of the traffic redesign of the Collins Road circle and parking along Beacon are featured documents in the archive on the right.

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Angier Construction Update                         December 10, 2015

Most of the real construction work is all done, and they are just going through punch lists and doing system tests and inspections.  The building will be ready on December 18.

The second and third floors are cleaned, and there is no construction activity.  The final signage has been put in, and the floors are ready to go.

The furniture arrives on Monday, Dec 14 and goes into place.  In preparation the floors are being buffed.  The final locks and hardware are being trimmed out.

On the first floor, the flooring is all installed and the rubber floors are in the stairwells.  All stairs are useable.  The ceiling tiles are all in and a few wood doors are being installed.

The kitchen equipment is all on site.  The gas and plumbing into them have been hooked up.  On Wednesday, Dec 16 the kitchen equipment will be started up.  The health inspector comes between Dec 18--21, and there will be a training session for the kitchen on December 21.

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) systems are pretty much all done.  Final inspections will take place Dec 15-17, then the fire alarm systems will be signed off on Dec 23.

The gym and stage floors are installed and sealed and the lines are painted.  The decorative mural in the lobby was finished last week.

During the week of Dec 21 the installation of the commemorative pieces saved from the old school is scheduled.

Outside, the last concrete pour was yesterday.  Some metal panels will be wrapped around the building, which will go on until approximately Jan 3.  Three of the four pieces of playground equipment have been delivered and will be installed.  The construction trailers and storage containers have been removed from the site.

The security system is in place, except for two cameras.  Testing is ongoing for that as well as for the audio/announcement system.

The traffic lights in front of the school are set to be installed on December 17, then the timing of the traffic lights will be coordinated.

This past Tuesday/Wednesday there was a walk through with the Mayor, the Superintendent and the Principal who all loved the building.  There will be an Open House for the community, but the date is to be determined.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update                         November 12, 2015

On track for a Certificate of Occupancy for December 18th!

Inside:  the third and second floors are close in status.  All ceiling tiles are in.  The water is running.  The outlets and thermostats are all configured and operational.  There are one or two rooms left to complete the flooring which should be finished this week.  The rollershades will go up last so that they don’t collect dust.

For the bathrooms, the floors are done, the walls are tiled and will be painted.  The toilet partitions will be delivered Nov 16 and will be put up, then the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers will be installed.

The stairwells have been primed and painted, and the light fixtures have been installed.  They should receive the rubber floors in two to three weeks.

On the first floor, the boiler room is complete and just needs to be swept.  In the kitchen the quarry tile is in and grouted.  The equipment has arrived and is being installed.  MEPs are being trimmed out and light fixtures are installed.  Ceiling tiles will be dropped by the end of the month.  The library casework is being installed, and they are starting to install the interior glass in various parts of the first floor.  They are preparing for the floors which should start in 2-1/2 weeks.  They just finished the moisture mitigation in the gym, then, in a few weeks, they will put the wood floor in.  They are receiving acoustic panels for the music room.  The window shades and drapes arrive in about two weeks.

Decorative wainscoting is installed throughout the floors. 

Outside:  They finished the final coating of asphalt and have placed steel around the dumpsters.  Just after Thanksgiving the permanent fencing and guardrails will go in working from the back to the front of the plaza.

The playground curbing is in, and they are waiting for the playground equipment.  All landscaping areas are loamed, and they will come back to do the smaller plants in front.

The masonry, window flashing and roof screens are done.

The furniture and technology arrives Dec 14.

Friday, Dec 18—Substantial Completion
Monday, Dec 21—Teachers Visit
Tuesday, Dec 22—Open House for families
Saturday Dec 26 (?)—Open House for the community
Monday, Jan 4—First day for students

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update                         October 8, 2015

Outside, they are finishing the roadwork and tree planting is going on.  The playground area is just getting started.  They will work on the sub-drainage for 3 weeks, then the curbs, footings, playground surfaces and finally planting shrubs.

Around the grounds, the perimeter trees are planted, the curbs are set and the transformers and generators are installed.  The Angier sign with the salvage bricks and plaques are installed, and the footing is poured for the flagpole.  Rough grade has started for the plaza.  Around Nov 17 the final coat of asphalt will be poured.

There are eight large windows and some gym windows left to do.  The masonry is 95% done.

Inside, the third floor is primed and the final coats of paint are starting.  The will begin the ceiling tile next week.  The lockers are on-site for the cubbies.

The bathrooms are started to be trimmed with fixtures and the partitions will follow.  They are grouted and the window sills are prepped.

The second floor is similar to the third floor.  They are putting in the fixtures and trimming it out.

On the first floor they are getting ready to put in the kitchen tile next Wednesday, then the kitchen equipment gets installed.  In the cafeteria they will install the ceiling grid.  In the gym, the ceiling is done.  They are priming the walls now and installing the basketball equipment, then they will do the floors.

The mechanical rooms are completely done, and they are starting to turn on the boilers for heat.

Everything is arriving and being installed as anticipated.  On December 18 it will be done—Occupancy Certificate and all!

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update                         September 10, 2015

We are still on-time and within budget.

The first layer of road has been laid down around the site as well as a layer of the plaza. The sidewalk has been installed and the landscaping will go in at the end of September.

The utilities, retaining wall and fencing are all complete.

Exterior:  The work on the windows is on-going, and the stone is going in.  Generally they are working from the back to the front of the building.  On the roof, the top units (heat and AC) have been installed and started.  The top roof is complete and they are still finishing the lower roof.

Interior:  All of the stairs are installed.  The third and second floors are mostly completed.  They are 99% done with the ceilings on the third floor and 75% done on the second floor. They are also painting the second floor.  The first floor is framed and they are working on the plaster.  The door frames are done throughout, and there is tile in the bathrooms.  In the kitchen the freezers, coolers and hoods have been installed.  The gym is the last main section to be worked on.  The dry wall, electrical and mechanical equipment are all installed.  Flooring is upcoming.

Beacon and Collins Road re-configuration:  In mid-September the majority of the orange cones will be removed, except where the traffic poles will be.  On September 17, weather permitting, pavement milling will proceed.  They will take up two inches of asphalt on Beacon Street from Collins road to the overpass.  On September 22, they will put down the new asphalt, then the road markings will be painted the following week.  The traffic equipment will be up and running at the end of October/beginning of November, then the project will be done.  Currently they are one month ahead of schedule.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update                    July 16, 2015                        **** Note:  There will not be an August meeting****

We are still on schedule for a December move in. 

(FYI:  The old Angier was 50,000 square feet and the new Angier will be 75,000 square feet.  There are approximately 85 people on site with more than 20 different contractors.)

Outside:  They will be finalizing the grading and paving behind the school for parking and driveways.  Compaction will be limited to a smaller walk-behind machine now.  The retaining wall will get an anti-graffiti coating and stabilization of the base will be completed.

Masonry around the gym is 90% complete.  Windows will be installed over the next 2-1/2 months.  Of the four roofs, three are complete and there is only one small part left to finish.  Mechanical equipment is in place and the workers can now get temporary air conditioning.

Inside:  One staircase is complete.  The second has metal rungs and treads installed and they need to pour the concrete.  They are framing the third staircase.

On the third floor, the dry wall taping and sanding is 90% complete and the painting has started as well as the wall tile in the bathrooms.  They will start the floors next month beginning with the bathrooms, and the ceilings will start to be hung.

On the second floor, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing are done and they are in the process of taping and sanding the interior walls.  The interior insulation is complete.

On the first floor, approximately 90% of the walls are framed and the interior masonry is complete.  The freezers are coming in and the elevator shaft is completed.

Traffic:  The new traffic pattern has started to be implemented at the intersection of Beacon/Collins/Waban Ave.  Work on the Beacon-Waban Ave intersection will start on July 20, Beacon-Collins on Aug 14 and Collins-Waban on September 3.  On September 29, work will be done at the Beacon-Manitoba intersection.  The traffic lights will go on Oct 2 and the final installation with pavement markings will be October 30.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update                   June 11, 2015

They are finishing everything underground, the anti-graffiti coating on the retaining wall and the electrical duct work.

They are working on the exterior roof of the gym and spraying foam insulation in the building.  The concrete floor is poured on the first floor and the first set of stairs is completed.  Dry wall work is starting on the third floor and masonry on the first floor.

During the month of June, they will finalize the lower roofs, work on the masonry in the gym +/- the main building, prep for the roadway on site and will begin to put in the window frames.

In the interior, they are working on the dry wall on the second floor and the interior walls on the first floor.

They are on schedule.  They made up days by working 10 hour shifts and Saturdays and they made the deadline for the third floor.

Neighbors notice more trucks parking down Beacon Street and the contractors will be spoken to about parking.  The workers will also be reminded to shut off the second and third floor lights.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update                    May 14, 2015

The exterior is mostly up, except for the windows, and the roof is mostly done.  Sewer and water lines have been installed, and they are finishing the electrical ducts.  The National Grid line has to go in, and they will start electrical wiring on Monday, May 18.  They will rough prep the driveways to keep down the dust and dirt.  The third and second floors are pretty much framed.  80% of the duct work and plumbing are done on the third floor, and approximately 70% is done on the second floor.  The first floor kitchen floor is poured, and the mid-1/3 of the building will be poured shortly.  The library and the gym will be poured by the end of next week.  Work on the elevator shaft is starting and the first set of permanent stairs will go up next week.

All in all, they are close to on-schedule, but some areas are delayed because the electrical is behind by two weeks.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update              April 9, 2015

The building wrap is down and the concrete has been poured for the roof, second and third floors.  The temporary heating units have been removed and the upper framing is done.  Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (water and fire lines), and HVAC piping are starting.  The first floor sanitary pipes are installed and the back kitchen area drain lines are underway.  Electrical trenches have been dug in the rear of the building.

Generally they will be working on the building from the third floor down so that they can close off a floor which will minimize dust and debris from being tracked through the completed areas.

There were some questions about the retaining wall, and the residents were reassured the wall can withstand vibrations from the ‘T’ as well as tree roots and other forces of the building.

A letter from W.T Rich Company was circulated which says that site utility underground work will start around April 8 and continue through July.  This work will generate vibrations similar to the ones experienced in the fall and will be monitored the in same manner.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update            March 12, 2015

The meeting started with concerns from the public.  One abutter noted that the temporary heater that has been installed is very loud, but they were told that nothing can be done about it until the weather warms up.  The proposed screen on the roof of the building is supposed to be a silver/metallic color.  A neighbor asked if it could be brown/green so that it would blend in with the trees and landscape for a more natural look and not be so reflective.

The steel work is done, and the main structure is up and wrapped.  The temporary heat is on and set to 68 degrees inside which is the necessary temperature for the concrete to be poured which will start on March 13.

For six weeks, a small amount of digging inside of the building with small excavators will commence.  It shouldn’t cause as much vibration as before.  Vibration monitors were placed at the temporary cross walk and no spikes were detected.  All vibrations were less than the church’s threshold, which is lower than the threshold for residential homes because the building is older and historic. 

In the second half of March, the second and third floors of concrete are scheduled to be poured.  The first floor will be poured in the end of April, when the ground thaws.  Once poured, then the framing starts.

June through October will be the peak for the number of contractors on site (approximately 150 people).  There is parking on site and the workers have been told that they cannot park on the residential streets.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update         February 12, 2015

The weather this winter has impacted the construction schedule only slightly.  The schedule incorporated five days of float to account for snow days, but work was halted for six days due to the snow storms so far this year.  The construction team is confident that they can make up the day.  Once the weather warms up, ten hour days will commence, including Saturdays.  The work day will go from 7AM to 5PM, as set by the city.

The steel is going up as planned.  The next step will be to wrap the building which will allow it to be temporarily heated so that indoor work, such as pouring concrete for the floors, can begin.

There will be solar panels on the roof of Angier.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier Construction Update               November 13, 2014

Since last month approximately 800 of the 1500 blocks are done on the retaining wall. There was a small delay due to a late start with a contractor, but the time was made up.

They are in the process of laying the foundation, proceeding from south to north, and there is a continuation of work on the utilities (water, sewer, storm drains.)

The next big date is December 4 which is when they expect the first delivery of steel. The steel work will take 2 months, then, in February-March they will pour the floors then in mid-March do the sheathing.

The trades are on board and the financial paperwork is being put together.

Several of the neighbors complained that the vibrations from preparing the ground for the foundation have been more like an earthquake. The dishes rattle on the shelves and the whole house shakes for prolonged periods of time. One neighbor had a window break, and several are worried that the shaking is going to negatively impact the masonry and carpentry of their homes. The Angier building team agreed to put vibration monitors on the non-church sides of the construction site and see what they can do to modify their technique to dampen the vibrations. The neighbors were reassured that the problem is temporary and will be ending soon.

Waban Area Council - Angier Update Thursday, September 11, 2014

The old building is down, on schedule.

Currently the construction team is filling and compacting where the school was. Vibrations are being measured by a seismograph in the Parish of the Good Shepherd, and so far, everything has been below threshold to protect their stain glass windows. Nevertheless, it is a good idea for neighbors who are feeling vibrations to move any delicate crystal or china to a safe place so that it doesn’t “dance” off a shelf and break.

Next week they will start work on the retaining wall along the train tracks which will take approximately 6 weeks. They will also start the foundation work which will take 2-3 months.

150 extra bricks were salvaged and given to the school department to be used potentially as a fundraiser.

A temporary, mobile light will be installed at the crosswalk at Manitoba across Beacon Street.

Any asbestos was abated before the building came down. Any bus concerns can be directed to Regina Moody in Transportation.

At the project website, there is a webcam which photographs the project every 11 minutes. You can click on Play in the upper right corner and see a time lapse of the building come down.

Angier Construction Update              July 10, 2014

By July 11, all fencing should be completed and access to the field cordoned off. By July 14, “No Trespassing” signs will be up. The crosswalk is scheduled to be painted 7/11 or 7/12. It was emphasized that pedestrians should respect that the sidewalk is closed along the front of the school, and pedestrians should follow the signs and use the sidewalk on the opposite side of Beacon Street, for safety. The current signs will stay in place for now, and will continue to flash for drivers to slow down at what would have been school hours, to slow traffic in the area.

The playground is scheduled to move on July 11, and that equipment will remain at the Carr School, permanently. Angier will be getting new playground equipment with the new building.

Unfortunately, “souvenir” bricks won’t be available. Because the mortar that holds the bricks together is stronger than the bricks themselves, when the exterior comes down, the bricks will break. Some will be salvaged and re-used in the new school. The public can no longer access the school grounds—the area has been technically turned over to the construction company for insurance and liability purposes.

Items that will be salvaged include some of the brick which will be used in a stone wall, the two medallions over the entrances which will be re-installed as well as some plaques. From the interior, copper medallions and signage will be salvaged as well as the animals from Room 210 and the mantle which were saved. The solid wood doors, gas sconces, and metal stairs will be offered to salvage contractors. The boiler, pipes, etc. will be recycled or re-used. (Please note that this is not the entire list, merely some of the notable items.)

There was an archeological survey that was performed, but found nothing. Archeologists will be on site during construction.

There is a webcam facing the South East corner of the façade, for those who would like to see the demolition progress on-line.

Finally, there is a new push to have the building ready for move-in by December 15, 2015! Although some details would still be worked on in the interior, the building would be student ready mid-December. This new deadline means that move-in will occur over the December break, which is the second largest break in the school year after summer vacation. The construction team feels very confident about meeting this deadline which will mean 10 hour days for certain trades.

All agreed not to have an update meeting in August. Meetings will resume in September.

Submitted by Barbara Bower

Angier WorkingGroupUpdate

March 27, 2014
Submitted by Ald. Ruthanne Fuller, Ald. John Rice and Ald. Lenny Gentile 
We have sent the early site package out to contractors after it was reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee. This package includes construction documents for such items as salvage, abatement & demolition of the building, site preparation (e.g., removal of trees where the retaining wall will be built alongside the MBTA tracks), protection of the church and residential abutters, and construction of the retaining wall. By going out to bid early on these items while the rest of the work is still being designed, the contractor can start work on schedule in late June. 
As construction is about to begin, we are setting up monthly community meetings to discuss construction operations. The meetings will be on the second Thursday of every month at 7 pm before the Waban Area Council meeting. The location is the Brigham House at 20 Hartford Street in Newton Highlands, a building that is handicap accessible. The first meeting will be on May 8th.  
Please note that the MBTA has informed us that the tree removal next to the tracks can only be done from 1:30 am – 4:00 am when the electricity can be shut down. This work may take a week or two. The Public Building Department and contractor, W.T. Rich, will do everything they can to minimize the impact on abutters. We’re fortunate that most of the immediate abutters (the school, the Church, the golf course) will not be inconvenienced. The work will be done some time in May, June or July. 
Looking ahead, there is a status update on Angier for a joint meeting of the Angier School Building Committee and the Design Review Committee next week on Thursday, April 3 at the Ed Center, Room 210 at 6pm. The DRC will get another status update, including information on energy utilization, on April 16th. In early June, the working group will review the 60% construction document (CD) budget. Then, on June 13th, the DRC will review the 60% construction documents and the budget. The 60% CD review is an important milestone as the design can still be influenced if estimates come in high. 

Angier WorkingGroupUpdate

December 13, 2013
Submitted by Ald. Ruthanne Fuller, Ald. John Rice and Ald. Lenny Gentile 
Since the Board of Aldermen/School Committee update meeting on December 4, the architect (DiNisco Design (DDP)) and the owners project manager (Joslin Lesser (JLA)) have continued to meet weekly with Newton Public Schools and the Public Buildings Department to review critical design topics, including FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) and LEED.  
On December 12, there was a 50% Design Development progress update presentation to a joint meeting of the Angier School Building Committee (ASBC) and the Design Review Committee where DeNisco presented design refinements.  Items discussed included site plan with regard to materiality, trellis, seating, vegetation/garden at the perimeter of the site, entry plaza and playground areas; traffic management off Beacon Street; and height and form of plaza wall.  Although the location of program elements has not changed, there have been some refinements, specifically with regard to proposed 
vertical openings which will need to be studied in 3‐D.  Materiality of exterior elevations was presented: brick cladding along with a combination of lighter materials including glass, metal panel and natural wood.  The interface of the exterior materials will continue to be studied and developed and all elements will continue to be further refined.  
At this juncture, there is no submittal to the MSBA required.  
At the end of January, 100% of design development will be complete and an in‐depth cost estimate developed. On February 3, there will be a project update to a joint meeting of the Board of Aldermen and School Committee. On February 6, the ASBC is scheduled to vote to submit the 100% Design Development package to the MSBA.

Angier Working Group Update October 3, 2013

Submitted by Ald. Ruthanne Fuller, Ald. John Rice and Ald. Lenny Gentile 
We just received the great news that the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted on October 2, 2013 to approve the Angier project. The MSBA approved an estimated maximum total facilities grant of $10,839,093. This amount does not include funds for potentially eligible owner’s or construction contingency expenditures. If the MSBA determines that any owner’s and/or construction contingency expenditures are eligible for reimbursement, the maximum total facilities grant may increase to as much as $11,509,438. The final grant amount will be determined by the MSBA based on a review and audit of all project costs. The MSBA also made clear that the final grant amount may be less than$10,839,093 based on the MSBA’s regulations, policies and guidelines. 
According to our Owners Project Manager, we should not expect to receive any MSBA reimbursement beyond the estimated maximum grant of $10,839,093. However, we can reasonably expect that the MSBA will reimburse the City for most of that amount. The Angier project will now move forward with full design development.  We continue to be on track with the project schedule.