2019 Debates


Issue summary

The 4 Area Councils of newton have completed their showcase of the contested debates. Videos are available here and on our facebook page. They are also on NewTV's Vimeo site and broadcasts. 

Issue full description

The area councils of Newtonville, Waban, Newton Highlands, and Upper Falls invite you to attend two Sunday debates among the candidates for contested City Council and School Committee seats.  Videos of the debates should be avaialble within 48 hours of the events.

Ward 2 Councilor: Emily Norton* and Bryan P. Barash Moderated by Marcus Breen

P_HD_Debate_Ward2Master from NewTV on Vimeo.


Ward 2 Councilor‐at‐Large: Susan S. Albright*, Jacob D. Auchincloss*, Jennifer A. Bentley, and Tarik J. Lucas Moderated by Marcus Breen

Debates 2019 Ward 2 At Large from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 1 Councilor: Allan L. Ciccone moderated by Marcus Breen - note Maria S. Greenberg was unable to attend due to events veyond her control

Ward 1 Debate from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 3 Councilor: Julia Malakie, Carolina Ventura moderated by Marcus Breen

P_HD_Debate_Ward3Masterc from NewTV on Vimeo.


Ward 3 Councilor‐at‐Large: James R. Cote*, Andrea W. Kelley*, and Pamela A. Wright moderated by Marcus Breen

P_HD_Ward3AtLargeMaster from NewTV on Vimeo.


Ward 4 School Committee: Alexander Koifman and Tamika Olszewski Moderated by Ken Parker

P_HD__Debate_School CommitteeW4 from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 5 School Committee: Lev Agranovich and Emily R. Prenner moderated by Ken Parker

P_HD_Ward5SCMaster from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 6 School Committee: Ruth E. Goldman* and Galina N. Rosenblit moderated by Ken Parker

P_HD_Debate2Ward6SCMaster from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 5 Councilor: Rena Getz, Bill Humphrey, and Kathy Winters moderated by Andy Levin


Ward 5 Councilor‐at‐Large: Deborah J. Crossley*, Andreae Downs*, and Paul E. Coletti moderated by Andy Levin

P_HD_Debate2Ward5ALMaster from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 6 Councilor: Brenda Noel* and Lisa Gordon moderated by Andy Levin

P_HD_Debate2Ward6Master from NewTV on Vimeo.

Ward 6 Councilor‐at‐Large: Victoria L. Danberg*, Greg Schwartz*, and Alicia G. Bowman moderated by Andy Levin

P_HD_Debate2Ward6ALMaster from NewTV on Vimeo.


Thursday September 5th, Emerson School 7:30 to 9 pm

Ward 5 Councillor Preliminary debate: William Bishop Humphrey, Rena L Getz, and Kathryn K Winters. Moderated by Marjorie Arons-Barron.