2019 Debates

Issue summary

The 4 Area Councils will again present debates open to the public on October 20th and 27th. Citizens are encouraged to submit questions in writing in advance via email to Barbara Darnell. Questions from the audience at the live events can be submitted in writing. All questions of similar content will be combined by the area councilors and submitted to the moderator.

Issue full description

Thursday September 5th, Emerson School 7:30 to 9 pm

Ward 5 Councillor Preliminary debate: William Bishop Humphrey, Rena L Getz, and Kathryn K Winters. Moderated by Marjorie Arons-Barron.


Sunday October 20th Newton North Cafeterium  2-5 pm Moderated by Ken Parker and Marcus Breen

  1. Ward Councilor 1 Allan L. Ciccone and Maria Scibelli Greenberg 
  2. Ward Councilor 2 Emily  Norton and Bryan Bryan P Barash 
  3. Councilor‐at‐Large Ward 2 Jacob Daniel Auchincloss, Susan S Albright, Tarik J Lucas, and Jennifer A Bentley  
  4. Ward Councilor 3 Carolina Ventura and Julia Malakie   
  5. Councilor‐at‐Large Ward 3 Andrea W Kelley, James R Cote, and Pamela A Wright  
  6. School Committee Ward 4 Alexander Koifman and Tamika Olszewski 

Sunday October 27th Zervas Elementary Cafeterium  2-5 pm Moderated by Matt Yospin

  1. Ward 5 Councillor debate: TBD  
  2. Councilor‐at‐Large Ward 5 Andreae Downs, Paul Edward Coletti, and Deborah J Crossley  
  3. Ward 6 Lisa Gordon and Brenda Noel     
  4. Councilor‐at‐Large Ward 6 Alicia G Bowman, Greg Schwartz, and Victoria L Danberg     
  5. School Committee Ward 5 Lev Agranovich and Emily Rachel Prenner 
  6. School Committee Ward 6 Galina N Rosenblit and Ruth E Goldman