Who We Are

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What: A Neighborhood Area Council is a local council elected to hear, respond to, and represent village concerns.  The 9 elected representatives can address matters at the village level and report local support and concerns to the City Government on pertinent Waban issues.

The Waban Area Council represents residents’ thoughts on issues like local traffic and road conditions, the changes coming to Angier, parking in the village, or even flooding along Quinobequin Road.  The Area Council works as partner to the Waban Improvement Society, providing a forum for activism and representation to complement WIS’ community building and beautification activities.

Where: Most residents have a notion as to which village they belong but it’s hard to define exactly where our village stops and starts - the city does not define the villages with hard boundaries.  We have set the initial boundaries for the Waban “Service Area” – the area that would be represented by the Area Council – to be those that generally are in zip code 02468, and also including other areas that come up to the boundaries of the

Supporters for the Waban Area Council include:

  • The Waban Improvement Society
  • Aldermen John Rice, Bryan Yates, and Deborah Crossley
  • Mayor Setti Warren


The WAC and The WIS as complementary organizations

  • The two organizations work hand in hand but focus on different tasks: the WIS continues to focus on community building - as it always has - including the library, community events, beautification, etc, while the Area Council focuses on community concerns including infrastructure and land use.
  • The two organizations will work together as interests overlap. For example, The Council creates insurance cost savings for the WIS for Village Day - something the Highlands have been taking advantage of for years.