Andreae Downs

My interest in Newton’s government began shortly after I moved here in 1992. The speeding traffic on my street (Chestnut) started our family’s quest to make Newton’s streets more family-friendly and safe for all. I first attempted to calm traffic by planting masses of flowers in front of the house. This allowed me to meet the neighbors, but I am still trying to get drivers to remember to stop for kids and others in the crosswalk.

After my two daughters entered Angier Elementary School, I decided to learn more about local government and local issues by joining the League of Women Voters. I “observed” (a kind of reporting) various government bodies (Community Preservation Committee and Aldermanic committees) and my interest in transportation and the use of public space deepened. My job as a freelance reporter for the Boston Globe and other local news outlets equipped me well for this kind of work as it was a similar type of municipal meeting reporting. I expanded my role with the League to include local action and the environment committee, both of which push for government action to be transparent, well-planned and consistent. 

After helping to put on two League forums on water and flooding and two on transportation and parking, I was appointed chair of the mayor's Transportation Advisory Group, which has been dedicated to increasing safe transportation options, creating safer streets, and in general, making Newton more livable. 

Professionally, I work for the Wastewater Advisory Committee to the MWRA.


If you abut the Sudbury aqueduct (map on the link above), or walk it, please send us an email  saying that you support the trails!